Lammas Sacred Ceremony Kit

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Celebrate You! With our Lammas Sacred Ceremony Kit.  You get everything you need to work with the energies at the holiday. You will be able to create an enchanting ceremony. Items will help you reflect, release, rejoice and grow with the season.


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Lammas is celebrated August 1st and is a time to rejoice in the harvest of the first grains.  What a wonderful time to reflect on accomplishments, gear up for winter, and enjoy the company of friends.


Lammas is the celebration of the first harvest.  What better way to celebrate then having some friends over and doing a movie night?  You will also find included in your box is a list of recipe and food ideas to make your “gathering” just a little bigger.

Natural Beeswax Candles

Use these as the nights get longer or in conjunction with the included ritual of finding that like extra energy needed to complete projects and intentions you have been working on since the spring.  Or use the included ritual to rejoice in what you have accomplished so far this year.

Healing Hand Salve

This hand balm made with all natural ingredients is soothing to hands that have been working hard harvesting the fruits of your labor.  Made with herbal infused oils, butters, and beeswax.

Abundance and Strength Natural Crystal Energy Bracelet

Made with natural citrine for strength, aventurine for abundance, Sunstone for finding joy in the process, and pyrite for manifesting fortune.

Affirmation Sticker

To remind you to just breath!


All this and journal prompts, additional ideas for celebration, and recipes.

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