What is crystal activation?  Can crystals really heal? How do I schedule a session?

Crystal Therapy Session


As a certified crystal therapy practitioner, come let me facilitate energy balance within your body through visualization, crystal placing, and meditation.  In this 1-hour session I will assess where in your body energy might be blocked or out of balance.  Then with the assistance of different crystals, we will move that energy into a healthy balanced state.  These sessions can be done in person or virtually as crystal energy and alignment can activate balance and movement over distance.

Now you can include an amethyst BioMat as part of your healing.  To read more on the benefits of a biomat  or ordering one for yourself check out the official website.  A BioMat is a mat that is placed on a treatment table under you delivering FIR (Far Infrared light) gently warming the body and providing healing.  The light passes through a layer of amethyst crystals adding to the healing properties.

Rates $100 for 1 hour session and +$25 for addition of Biomat


Do you believe in the power of crystals? Many people do, and there is a good reason for that. Crystals have been used for centuries to heal and balance energy. If you are interested in trying crystal therapy, I offer virtual or in person sessions. During a session, we will use crystals to align your chakras and help you achieve balance in your life. The environment is relaxing and calming, and you will feel better after just one session!

We also have different crystals and products to enhance this experience with us or on your own.

Learn more about crystals and how they work to achieve balanced energy.


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