Imagine waking up each morning with a peaceful excitement for the day ahead, knowing exactly what will bring you joy and fulfillment. You will step out of bed into the adventure of growth and discovery led by your inner guidance. As you go through your day, you will meet forks in the road with a confidence in the skills you have gained to make decisions based on what is best for YOU.

Your invitation, should you choose to accept it, is to learn and practice the 6 Intuition Mastery Tools System to help you hear, clarify and live from your unique inner truth, so that you can trust yourself to make daily decisions that create a life that lights up your soul.

For a limited time I am offering this 12 week course for half off.   Sign up now to guarantee one of the 6 spots available. New classes starting in mid April, 2024

What you get....

6 ninety minute one on one calls with me for kicking off each module and working through any challenges that came up from the previous work –a $1200 value

6 ninety minute group calls to share and practice what your intuition is telling you– a $500 value

12 journal prompts to help you integrate the learning and process —$100 value

24 worksheets to assist in visualization and exploration of the tools you are learning to use—$300 value

6 downloadable guided meditations $150

Exclusive access to the facebook group to continue community and connection–priceless

 Total value  $2,250


All this for the aligned price of $1111…. on SALE now for only $500

What you will learn.....

  • Quiet your mind
    • Meditation
    • Grounding and using the energy from the earth
    • Work with nature, how nature immersion can help       
  •  What does your body say?
    •  Using all your senses- activities to smell, touch, taste, and feel into your body.
    • where does it hurt- exercises to start to put a focus on other parts of the body then the mind.
    • chakra balance- what are the chakras and how to you work with the energy there.
    • move your body- using dance and movement to better tune into the body
    • expansion and contraction- using the filter of does in feel expansive or contractive as a gage of what is right for you.
  • Reframing limiting beliefs
    • using fear for change
    • Is it true?
    • Rewrite your story
  • Know yourself-  exploring Human Design
  • Your superpowers
    • What are  the “clares” and what ones do you have strongest
    • sensing energy- activities to gain confidence in what you are now “hearing” clearer
  • connection to your higher self
  • Manifesting
    • How to use celebrations and ceremony /
    •  The power of  setting Intentions
    • Gratitude- giving thanks in order to continue the positive flow of energy
    •  help from a higher source getting in touch with something more

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