Soul Purpose Mentoring Session

Spend the next six weeks diving into ways you can live in alignment with your higher self and the earth energies.  How are you in balance with your gifts? What energies in your body are you struggling with that you could look at closer?

Maybe you just to spend some time diving into a healthier life, living in tune with the flow of nature and universal wellness.

I will facilitate your learning and progressing on the journey of peace and wellness.

Let me help you along your journey towards wellness and your most aligned self. Allow me to provide a safe place for you to talk about where you want your life’s journey to take you as you find your life purpose and live in alignment with it. As your life coach I will help provide insight into healing, growth, and celebration on this path towards a more holistic peaceful life.


Currently an apprentice at the Dharma Coaching Institute, I have had experience in coaching and training throughout my life. I am also certified Reiki healer and Crystal healer.


Schedule a discovery call today to see if you want to work with me over the next 6 weeks or even longer.  (discounts for longer bookings paid up front)