Southern Sierra Mountains of California
March 15th - March 19th, 2024

If you feel the yearning to make connections to your soul on a deeper level, and share that connection with like-minded women, join us in the majestic pine-scented Southern Sierra mountains of California this spring. Your spirit will find reintegration with nature and your true spirit. The springtime awakening will guide you in a discovery of your own unique dreams and life energy.

You will leave with a renewed sense of self...

Just imagine.... you step out into the warm spring sunshine, filling your lungs with pure, fresh mountain air. The scent of newly emerged wildflowers and grasses feel like they are an expression of the newly emerging part of you.

You are reborn with an energy to take home. The next steps to creating an inspired life are clear and your excitement is building because for the first time you are full of confidence of what it will take to create a life of fulfillment.

You have experienced the sense of wholeness with nature and the energy that surrounds you and are feeling that beauty in your core.

Your soul is waking up to all the potential that is inside you

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"Deep contemplation, gratitude, and the process of letting go will rebalance your spirit and being"

Tired of the go, go, go of life and long for quiet, peace, and space for contemplation?

Connect with Nature

Breathe in the renewing brisk, clean air as you immerse yourself in a  Forest Bath, the intentional time of walking into nature to allow the energetic connection to heal you.  You will be able to allow an awakening of all your senses.
The clear dark night sky enables you to see into the expansive universe as you feel yourself a part of all that ever was and the unlimited possibilities of the future.

Do you have a hard time quieting your overactive brain each day?

Guided Meditation and Journal Reflection

Explore different ways to balance and aligned your energy to get back in touch with your intuition. Start the morning off with a group guided meditation in a healing space.   You will learn ways to continue your mindfulness practice after the retreat and create for yourself a way to listen to your heart.
Following that we will have time to journal introspection on questions that will build into ways of experiencing joy within.  Your journal, that you will take home,  will provide you with a way to look back on you healing journey as well as continue your discoveries throughout the upcoming months.

Do you desire to dedicate time to deeply experience everything around you?


Feel your peacefulness  being to shine through, as you take each afternoon to rest, get a massage, hike, or just let everything that you have been learning sink in.  This is time for you and if you are in need of rest let this be freedom from doing and be one of letting your each of your senses take in all that is around you.

Does your body need nurturing and attention?

Daily Yoga and Sacred Movement

Moving our bodies is what gets us out of our spiral thinking and moves us listen to what is true for our souls.  Gentle yoga each day will prepare your body for  knowing the magic that you posses.  We will also be letting loose of all those societal expectations and judgments, to really release the body through dance and letting you body tell you what to do instead of worrying if you are “doing it right”.

Have you ever felt empty from the lack of companionship that comes from letting other people share in your struggles and celebrations?

Sacred Sharing Circle

Each night feel the safety and support as we take  time together as a tribe to share and celebrate. From an advent reflection spiral to a simple emotional release through dance, we will join each other’s joy and awakening.

Farm to table at it's freshest

  • You will be provided meals sourced from local growers as well as right off the ranch itself.   You will have the opportunity to learn about how to cook with seasonality and prepare meals that utilize all the energy of the fresh greens of spring.

  • Explore nourishing ingredients prepared in creative and exquisite ways will leave more than your hunger satisfied.  

  • Hearty breakfast to prepare your body to be fueled for living as your best self.

  • Sharing time and a glass of wine with others as you wind down the day is soothing to the soul.

  • Spring menu will include naturally detoxing meals like cage free chicken piccata with asparagus and wild rice,  spring berry soup, and potato “nests” filled with soft boiled eggs.  

  • Although the meals include dairy, gluten, and meat, we can accommodate any dietary restrictions easily.

Accommodations: Enjoy Jameson Ranch Retreats and the beautiful four seasons of the Southern Sierras

At Jameson Ranch Retreats you have the choice of 7 different bedrooms in 3 different houses on the property.  Each is a single occupancy room with a queen bed.  Enjoy resort quality natural linens after a day of  soaking up the ruggedness of a working ranch  They are booked on a first come first serve basis so book today.  

Each house has a full kitchen but you will only need it if you desire to prepare additional food.  All rooms share bathrooms but please reach out if there is a special need that we might be able to accommodate. 

The Jameson Ranch has a rich history in Kern County and the mountains just above Glennville, California. Native Americans have lived on the land throughout history as evidence from the many grinding stone sites as well as rock art throughout the ranch.  The Jameson’s have lived and worked the ranch and summer camp for children for over 85 years. The Bakersfield Californian has a great article  on the ranch and family

This is a place where you can really connect with the forest, the night sky, and the ancestors of the land. 

The cabins and the places like the dining room, meeting room, and yoga platform are very spread out.  This gives you lots of opportunity for hiking but you will have to walk a bit to get from place to place.

What's Included...

  • 4 nights accommodations in the rustic forest setting of Jameson Ranch Retreats
  • Kick off crystal heart opening ceremony with sound bath
  • Discovering yourself workshops, activities and workbook
  • Daily farm to table meals for breakfast and dinner (with lots of snacks in between). A glass of wine with dinner each night. 
  • Outdoor yoga every morning led by the amazing instructor Stephanie (weather permitting/indoor will be held if need be)
  • 1 each massage and crystal therapy session, scheduled on your down time
  • Guided hikes and forest bathing/grounding
  • Nightly bonfire and sharing circle (weather permitting) with sacred connection time

What is not included...

  • Transportation to and from Jameson Ranch 
  • Travel insurance
  •  Wi Fi- There is a landline phone available but this is a time to UNPLUG!

As a will get

  • Follow up journal prompts and self exploration worksheets
  • 2 support group calls following retreat
  • Group reconnect
  • Discount on future retreats
  • A connection with your “tribe” to share all this with
  • 1 of my “Monthly Sacred Ceremony Kit” from any upcoming month, from New Moon Nourishment

"We often forget that we ARE nature. Nature is not something separate from us.  So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we have lost our connection to ourselves." - Andy Goldsworthy

Rejuvenate the magic within you

Spring is the ideal time to renew your commitment to yourself. Find your heart and soul awakening with all the earth around you. If you are ready to make the changes in your life and find nourishment from all the emerging energy around you, join us today.

Location is Everything!

  • The retreat is conveniently located in central California, making it within driving distance of many major cities and just an hour up the mountain from Bakersfield International Airport. 
  • You are responsible for transportation to and from the ranch.  If you will be flying into Bakersfield international airport and need assistance, we can make additional arrangements. 
  • Jameson Ranch is located just 1 hour east of Hwy 99 in central California.  Although easy to get to there are no gas facilities on the route so fuel up before coming up the mountain
  • Just three hours north of Los Angeles and 5 hours south of Sacramento, Jameson Ranch is easily reached from major areas.  

This is your permission slip to take time for yourself......

Here is what your day might look like.....

  • Morning Yoga, Breakfast, Guided Meditation and Journal time each day
  • Morning session workshops to learn and practice the tools of self discovery and trust
  • Each afternoon we will have “nap” time to create quite and rest, where in society rest isn’t always seen as sacred. 
  • That will be followed by some time to get a massage, book a crystal therapy or life coaching session, hike, learn to cook seasonally or just contemplate all that is around you.
  • Nights will be filled with bonfires, sharing circles, and celebrations that will connect us to our own power and possibilities.
  • Last Day- Farewell breakfast and and embodiment reflection

About your hostess...Jaimie

I have always lived close to the seasons and nature.  With my 50th birthday I was given an opportunity to guide others on their journey of self-discovery, and facilitating the exploration of the magic within themselves.

Being able to help others on their spiritual path has been a lifelong passion that I now get to expand on and develop.  I am a certified Soul Purpose Coach  and am trained and certified in Crystal Therapy.  Join me in awakening with the spring to continue to hear the messages from our souls. 

Join Us Today!

All that is needed now is a $500 non-refundable deposit toward the full investment in yourself of $2,000.  This will  reserve your place in this great community.  You can also pay in full.  We look forward to experiencing this transformational event together.

Imbolc Sale!!! 
$500 off until February 1st! Plant your seeds and see what blossoms!

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